Manajemen Lingkungan

Perkebunan di PT Kutai Energi adalah ide dari Bapak David T Pandjaitan. The background of the opening area of land for plantations in the area of the mine is to utilize the existing land, and yet to be mined. In general, most residents in the surrounding area of the mine only has the expertise / keterampilan gardening pepper, whereas their ability to raise vegetables are generally low. This has become one of the reasons in Kalimantan vegetable prices higher because most of the supply of vegetables shipped from other areas such as Java.

Of that concern, Mr. David has the determination to open a garden where there are a variety of vegetables can be planted. This is done to inspire the surrounding community that their land can be planted various crops, and vegetables are one of them. Hope in the future, the garden is in Kutai Energi can supply the needs of the vegetables to the surrounding community in particular and the market Samarinda / Kutai Kertanegara in general.

Gardens in Kutai Energy initiated in April, the activities began with a search right location, land clearing, making beds, and planting. In the early stages, the planting is done testing / trial, to determine the suitability of plants to environmental conditions. Energy Kutai garden, was opened and operated by Mr. Herbrani ang Agricultural Engineering background ubuntu, assisted by a foreman named H. Nasir, who oversees four day laborers, Mr. Amin, Mr. Hasanudin, Br. And Mr. Ahmad Yahya. Susanto. On July 1, the garden staff increased by one, Mr. Gondensius and on July 22, Mr. Heru Rizka followed. With the addition of human resources, the progress of the garden in the Kutai Energy began to appear, and began to plant a wide range of vegetable commodities. The first commodity is grown spinach and kale, and cassava, chili, beans, chickpeas, eggplant, cucumbers, sweet corn, pariah, watermelon, squash, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cabbage, lettuce and so forth. Unexpectedly, it turns out that the plants are growing well cultivated, fertile and produce abundant fruit. Because the first planting of this is still a trial, and to arouse the interest of local communities and employees Kutai Energy in particular, it yields partially divided for free. This is definitely a pleasure. Moreover, employees often pick their own Kutai energy crops.

In the course of time, the garden is in Kutai Energy gives color to the hustle and bustle of life Kutai Energy employees, such as the sweet corn from the garden Kutai energy to enliven the new year event, as well as employees who hold a celebration Energy Kutai buy many vegetables are Energy Kutai grown in the garden. And most importantly, show that the soil around the mine area can be planted with various kinds of vegetables, as long as there is a will, the desire to try and diving.

As a side note, from the sale of most of the crops, orchards Kutai minimal energy needs will be able to buy inputs such as fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, etc. independently. Hope in the future, the garden will flourish with the Kutai Energy concept is adopted 3 as recreational gardens, educational gardens and commercial plantations.

We provide a clinic to consult workers about their health problems, while doctors in charge are those who are already experienced in their field, so that employees can be handled properly and appropriately.

To facilitate employees achieve a work area, for the PT Kutai Energi provides employees the mess it's not far, just to be efisien.

PT Kutai standard as the office of Energy has engaged in mining are feasible with adequate facilities and support the work of employees.